The pledge

 Creating opportunities for people with diverse opinions and perspectives to engage in productive, respectful discussion.

The Pledge

“I pledge to discuss challenging
community issues with thoughtfulness,
to treat people whose opinions differ
from mine 
with respect, and to focus
on ideas, 
policies and solutions.
I will encourage others to do the same.
I will speak up and publicly object
when I hear name-calling, stereotypes,
disparaging comments and slurs.
I will do this because our community’s
health and social well-being

is important to me and I know that we
cannot effectively deal 
challenging problems without

these commitments.”



Who we are

We are community residents who believe that the path to healthy and vibrant communities and solution-oriented, constructive problem-solving about challenging issues requires a commitment to thoughtful, respectful dialogue among individuals with diverse opinions.

Whether it’s about our schools, infrastructure projects, affordable housing, or any controversy that will emerge in our neighborhoods, we want to encourage and facilitate opportunities for civil and constructive community dialog. We believe that the way in which conflict is managed can either be destructive or can build a healthier, more resilient future.


Who’s Signed

Organizational Endorsements
The Town Council of San Anselmo  –  September 26, 2017
The Fairfax Town Council  –  October 4, 2017
Sleepy Hollow Presbyterian Church Youth Group  –  October 30, 2017
Mill Valley School District  –  November 13, 2017


First Name:Last Name:Title:Town:State:
Dale Hirt Service Engineer Kenmore WA
Jaime Kelly RN, PHN, School Nurse Corte Madera CA
Joe Martini Teacher Mill Valley CA
Ron Cavalin Coeurdalene ----
Bob Raines School District Superintendent Tomales CA
Angela Kriesler Elementary School Principal Novato CA
Laurie Filsinger Sugar Hill GA
Ericka Omena Erickson Education Administrator, Consultant Novato CA
Tara Ordonez Teacher Mill Valley CA
Jim Collier CTO Fairfax CA
Christine Berg Parent Mill Valley CA
Teresa Walker Teacher San Anselmo CA
Colleen Donaldson Parent Mill Valley CA
Trisha Garlock Mill Valley CA
Stella Ocker San Anselmo CA
Bernard Franks Member New Port Richey FL
Sam Sullivan-Moore Student Knoxville TN
OLIVIA NEville Student Fairfax CA
Kate Christie Student San Anselmo CA
Reynolds Sullivan Actor New york NY
Tai Soladay Former Drake Student / ASB President Woodacre CA
Denali Gillaspie Educator Oakland CA
Jacqueline Jaffee Tiburon CA
Laura Garroway Myers Principal Mill Valley CA
Marc Vendetti President, Marin Museum of Bicycling Fairfax CA
June Jackson San Francisco CA
Matt Wechsler San Anselmo CA
Matthew Schweitzer Educator San Francisco CA
Rick Fraites Director, North Marin Water District Novato CA
Susan Mathews education foundation director Novato CA
Merrell Maschino Volunteer Fairfax CA
Helen Canin Berkeley CA
Julie Manson Co-Chair PeaceNovato Novato CA
Robin Gerrity Executive Director, Can Do! Education Foundation San Rafael CA
Sarah Puckett Educator and community member San anselmo CA
Ron and Heidi Miner Salem OR
Linda Zipperstein Greenbrae CA
Julia van der Ryn Director, Service-Learning/Assist. Prof Humanities , Dominican Univ. of CA San Rafael CA
Carol Foresta BRONX NY
Sharmon Woods Educator Tucson AZ
Mark Lichterman Consultant Huntington Woods MI
Meryl Elinson Educator Greenbrae CA
Bobbie Wunsch San Anselmo CA
Wendy Wilkinson Woodacre CA
Heather Park Concord NC
Janee Adams Novato CA
Martha R Gore Retired MLS Tucson AZ
Gina Hagen Vice President, Santa Venetia Neighborhood Association and parent San Rafael CA
Sally Chacon Assistant Project Manager San Rafael CA
Shannon Farr Signal Mountain TN
Helen Barrett Retired Chattanooga TN
suzi klucker Madison VA
Terena Mares Marin County Office of Education Deputy Superintendent CA
David Weinsoff Town council member Fairfax CA
Amanda Charne Lawyer San Rafael CA
Wendy Botwin Fairfax CA
Stephanie Clark Mother/Wife/Daughter /Sister Fairfax CA
Jeff Knowles Willow Creek Academy Board Member Sausalito Marin City School District CA
Rhonda Kutter Aide to Supervisor Rodoni Point Reyes Station CA
Zoe Borkowski Community member Mill Valley CA
Lisha Driscoll Community member Mill Valley CA
Jan Yarish ECE Director Novato CA
Jon Marker CEO Youth Leadership Institute San Rafael CA
Alex Spotswood San Rafael CA
Jessica Marker Educator San Rafael CA
Susan Andres Director of Marketing, Bishop O'Dowd High School Oakland CA
John Grimes caretaker Healdsburg CA
Rebekah Collins Fairfax CA
Jody D. Timms Commission on Aging; Fairfax Climate Action Committee Fairfax CA
Meredith Parnell Executive Director San Anselmo CA
Anna Pletcher Candidate for District Attorney Mill Valley CA
John Reed Town Council Member / Mayor Fairfax CA
Anna Frost San Anselmo CA
Amy Sickler Mom Fairfax CA
Maureen Bennett Citizen San Anselmo CA
Pat Zuch Sausalito CA
Bill Werner City Council Candidate, Sausalito Sausalito CA
Amy Rogers Biologist Fairfax CA
Laura Webb Fairfax CA
Elizabeth Schwebel Corte Madera CA
alice Treves Psychotherapist San Rafael CA
Darren Mar-Elia San Anselmo CA
Holly Brandborg Fairfax CA
Rebecca Wicker Educator Fairfax CA
Monique Shefer San Anselmo CA
Erika Smith Teacher Fairfax CA
Tina G McMillan Novato CA
Scott Grace Fairfax Fairfax CA
Annadel Dong Mother Fairfax CA
Kirstin Weeks Parent San Rafael CA
Cecilia Quintana-Perez Educator Novato CA
Michelle Beare San Anselmo CA
Walt Buster Consultant San Rafael CA
Bill Honig Resident Mill Valley CA
Evangeline Heath San Anselmo CA
Bjorn Remmers Educator Tiburon CA
Elizabeth DeRuff Agricultural Chaplain Larkspur CA
Luke Duchene School Director Fairfax CA
Mamura Fayzieva paraeducator Sausalito CA
Nancy Neu Administrator Novato Ca
Chris Valdez Principal Marin Catholic Kentfield CA
Kendra Bontz Teacher Tiburon CA
Nathan Grebil Educator Mill Valley CA
Barbara Brown Head of School at The Marin School San Rafael CA
B Schneider Tiburon Ca
Judith Arrow School Administrator San Rafael CA
Susan Markx Retired deputy superintendent of schools Novato CA
Gary Chappell Community Resident San Anselmo CA
Cindie Tashima San Anselmo CA
Jesse Madsen Educator San Rafael CA
Kate Lane PUblic Schools Accountant Novato CA
Kelly Morphy Educator Sausalito CA
Chris Mazzola Head of School Branson Ross CA
Cameran Kline pratt Psychologist San Anselmo Ca
Nikki Pitcher Assistant Principal San Rafael CA
Ross Sullivan San Anselmo CA
Tara Seekins Principal Sausalito CA
Jason Deppong Elementary School Principal Mill Valley CA
Katherine Steinberg Speech Language Pathologist San Rafael CA
Keli Honsberger Parent and community member San Rafael CA
Debbie Wolfe Ross Ross CA
Jasmine Stevenson Nonprofit Leader San Rafael CA
Shannon Hicks San Anselmo CA
Jim Larson Middle School Principal Novato CA
Susan Cleveland-Knowles Sausalito City Council Candidate Sausalito CA
Maika Llorens Gulati School board member and executive director of nonprofit San Rafael CA
Pam Drew City Council Member Novato CA
Michelene Moayedi HeadsUp Executive Director, Parent San Rafael CA
Pat Eklund Council Member and former Mayor Novato CA
Dorothy Proudfoot Attorney Alameda CA
Samantha Salenger Portland Portland OR
Cindy Swift Fairfax CA
Carol Farrer HeadsUp board member San Rafael CA
Damon Connolly Marin County Supervisor San Rafael CA
Holli Thier Tiburon Town Council Tiburon CA
Bobbie Chinsky Community Volunteer Gilbert AZ
Susan Quater retired San Rafael CA
Max Perrey Chair, Sierra Club Marin Group Mill Valley CA
Claire Chedekel Occupational Therapist Fairfax CA
Sharon Sagar Fairfax CA
Pete Santucci Co-Lead Music Teacher Fairfax CA
Eric Lucan City Council Member Novato CA
Denise Athas Mayor Novato CA
Kate Colin City Council Member San Rafael CA
Sara Barnes Mill Valley CA
Mary Moore Novato CA
Anne Mannes Fairfax and Woodacre CA
Barbara Coler Town Council member, Fairfax Fairfax CA
Christine Franceschi San Rafael CA
Judy Schriebman Board Director Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District San Rafael CA
Kevin Morrison Candidate for City Council, Novato, CA Novato CA
Melissa Blaustein City Council Candidate, Sausalito Sausalito CA
Lorenzo Cordova Aide to Supervisor Dennis Rodoni San Rafael CA
Tina Quintanilla Community Member Novato CA
Sheila Dutton Larkspur CA
John Hammond Citizen Marinwood CA
Cameron Tuttle Energy consultant & engaged citizen San Rafael CA
Nelson Branco physician San Anselmo CA
Kristen Bradshaw Teacher Tiburon CA
Carin Rhodes Teacher San Anselmo CA
Monica McGue Kentfield CA
Jennifer Treppa Novato CA
Lora Nazarian school Tiburon CA
Ryan Davis Teacher Tiburon CA
Lisa Conlon Teacher Tiburon CA
Jane Firpo Educator Novato CA
Mirna Long San Rafael CA
Hillary Whitman Fairfax Ca
Melissa Chester San Rafael CA
Kate Osborn Novato CA
Josie Sanguinetti SRO CA
Amanda Massey Principal Point Reyes Station CA
Paul Johnson Superintendent Mill Valley CA
Ashley Paff Kentfield CA
Pamela Vargas-Touchard Citizen Mill Valley CA
Leslie Cohl Principal Mill Valley CA
Dick Spotswood Journalist Mill Valley CA
Emma Rigge Fairfax Ca
Kurt Weinsheimer Sausalito CA
Lisa Leavitt Pediatrician San Rafael CA
Marijke Smit Planner Sausalito CA
Jack Beuttler Oakland CA
Moni Hill Artist Asheville NC
Jim Henry Resident Sausalito CA
Darcy Ellsworth Yow San Rafael CA
Hara Bosch Greenbrae CA
Christina Hale Teacher Mill Valley CA
Douglas Zesiger Teacher Contra Costa CA
Walt Leonard Petaluma CA
Chris Pflueger Teacher Novato CA
Kathleen O'Brien San Anselmo CA
Bob Densmore Teacher Bolinas CA
Ellen McGlynn San Rafael CA
Tessa Gaddis Librarian Woodacre CA
Jill Korst San Anselmo CA
Michael Watenpaugh Superintendent San Rafael CA
Carol Burns Retiree San Rafael CA
Vicki Ascher Fairfax CA
Dana Sadan Principal Novato CA
Yolanda Roose Teacher San Rafael CA
Pascale Gregory San Anselmo CA
Cindy Griggs Novato CA
Lisa Schwartz Director San Rafael CA
Diana Bishop Chief of Police, San Rafael San Rafael CA
Sarah Nelson Teacher Petaluma CA
Lauren Menchavez Vice-Principal San Rafael CA
Karen McCormish Educator Kentfield CA
Kathryn Cunnyngham community Fairfax San Anselmo CA
Karin Soriano-Bilal Teacher CORTE MADERA CA
Mary Acord Teacher Fairfax CA
Jan La Torre-Derby Educator San Rafael CA
Barbara Snekkevik Principal Nicasio CA
Maggie Stevens Teacher San Anselmo CA
Molly O'Donoghue Teacher San Rafael CA
Bonny White Librarian Lagunitas CA
Connie Benz Novato CA
Montserrat Levi Novato CA
Chris Benz physician Novato CA
Scott Quinn San Rafael CA
Susan Malanche Mill Valley CA
Jenny Rosenberg teacher Novato CA
Danielle Diego teacher Sausalito CA
Laurel Botsford Volunteer Sausalito CA
Wendy Holmes Administrator Mill Valley CA
LaWand eichman San Rafael CA
Linda Munroe-Davidson Novato CA
Mary Bly San Rafael CA
Ken Lippi Assistant Superintendent, MCOE Novato CA
Ned Purdom San Anselmo Ca
Sylvie Astrid Parent San Rafael CA
Beatriz Lituanio San Rafael CA
Katy Foster High School Principal, Parent Mill Valley CA
Cynthia Brooks San Francisco CA
David Kirwin Berkeley CA
Barbara Rowe Retired Presbyterian Minister Mill Valley CA
Zoe Davis Admission Assistant San Anselmo CA
Nancy Etheredge mother San Francisco CA
Diane Fischler San Rafael CA
Robert Mackin self employed attorney Seattle WA
Margaret Beyer San Rafael CA
Clairette C Wilson Clairette C Wilson (MCOE-Trustee) Tomales CA
Sinéad Donery White Hill Middle School Student San Anselmo CA
Mary Marcy President San Rafael CA
Monika Grotz Hilton Head Island Hilton Head Island SC
Anne Burns Retiree White Salmon WA
Chris McKibbin Business Exec San Francisco CA
Susan Neil San Anselmo CA
Josh Fryday Councilman Novato CA
traci wolverton kokoszka L.M.T. mill Valley CA
Sharon McCarthy San Rafael San Rafael CA
Ray Withy Council Member Sausalito CA
Bri Silva Program Coordinator San Rafael CA
Sage Beale Teacher's Aid Marin City CA
Ford Greene San Anselmo Town Council San Anselmo CA
Elise Semonian Planning Director Larkspur CA
TESIA Beam San Rafael CA
Sara Vurek Hospital Chaplain San Rafael CA
Marilyn Nemzer County Board of Education member Tiburon CA
Amy Skewes-Cox Chair, San Domenico Board of Trustees Ross CA
Julie Quater Community Member San Anselmo CA
Rebecca Sullivan San Anselmo CA
John Beuttler San Anselmo CA
Lisel Blash Fairfax CA
Alice Baker Fairfax CA
kathy green San Anselmo CA
Tim Heth San Anselmo CA
Andrea Lange Fairfax CA
Chris Lyons Fairfax CA
Rebecca Nowlen Fairfax CA
Emily Belo Petaluma CA
Kathy Lake Fairfax CA
Julie Mozena San Anselmo CA
Delia Van der Plas San Anselmo CA
Katherine Csizmadia San Anselmo CA
Evelyn Weiser San Anselmo CA
Katie Rice San Anselmo CA
Brook Wilkinson Fairfax CA
Toby Janson-Smith Chief Innovation Officer, VCS Fairfax CA
Anna Simmons CA
Diana Sottile San Anselmo CA
Ryan Damm Fairfax CA
Sierra Tunafish Monkeymind Salin Fairfax CA
Torri Chappell Educator San Anselmo CA
Susie Brillault Bergen Fairfax CA
Rana Barar fairfax CA
Mandy Thomasson Fairfax CA
Holly Bragman Fairfax CA
Mary Spilsbury Fairfax CA
Victoria Fennell Educator Fairfax CA
Maria Kallmeyer Ross CA
Bridget Clark San Anselmo CA
Stephanie Note Teacher San Rafael CA
Diane Suffridge Psychologist San Rafael CA
Teri McLaughlin Teacher Greenbrae CA
Kendall Galli Educator San Anselmo CA
Nancy Vernon San Anselmo CA
Mike Taylor Principal San Rafael CA
Meredith Barberich San Anselmo CA
Kathleen Schaefer Researcher San Anselmo CA
Jim Orrell Retired Educator Richmomd CA
Susan White Novato resident, parent, county employee Novato CA
Daniel Hillmer City Council Member City of Larkspur CA
Jack Ryan Candidate, Tiburon Town Council Tiburon CA
Dennis Rodoni Supervisor, Marin County District Four Olema CA
Stacy Newcomer Fairfax CA
Beckie Landry Mrs SAN rafael CA
Marv Downey Fairfax CA
Bruce Crock Fairfax CA
Terry Rivera Fairfax CA
Kate Vidinsky Fairfax CA
Eric Holmberg San Anselmo CA
Monica Snell Teacher Nicasio CA
Sara MacBride teacher Mill Valley CA
Shai Lavie parent Fairfax CA
Shannon Myers Therapist San Rafael CA
Stacy Friedman Rabbi Mill Valley CA
Melissa Williams Teacher Novato CA
Paul Shleffar Rabbi San Quentin CA
Natalie Long Parent San Rafael CA
Lisa Brigulio Educator Larkspur CA
Aylin Yaser Fairfax CA
Kim Belgarde San Rafael CA
Raquel Rose Educator San Ansemo CA
Mandie Oler CA
Lynelle Cameron Business San Rafael CA
Jennifer Hammond Fairfax Fairfax CA
Sandy Weinberg San Rafael CA
Laura Shain Principal San Geronimo CA
Laura Talmus Kentfield CA
Conn Hickey San Anselmo CA
Kory Zipperstein MD Greenbrae CA
Gail Mitchell Lawyer Novato CA
Roxanna Draddy Fairfax CA
Tracey Hessel physician San Rafael CA
Harmony Sakai RN Fairfax CA
Kristi Kimball Fairfax CA
Stephanie Harty Fairfax CA
Valerie Pitts Larkspur CA
Melanie Matheson San Rafael CA
Laura Kersell Fairfax CA
Kylie-ann Robb Fairfax CA
Dodi Friedenberg San Anselmo CA
Lynn Noyce San anselmo CA
Jacqueline Tabb Massage Therapist San Anselmo CA
John Schaefer Fairfax CA
John Ferguson Fairfax CA
Judy Ford San Anselmo CA
Jennifer Cronin San Anselmo CA
Kim Janson-Smith fairfax CA
Rebecca Wood San Anselmo CA
Andrea Sumits Fairfax CA
Jennifer Rienks Fairfax CA
Courtney Lillevand San Anselmo CA
Stephanie Pool Fairfax CA
Robin Goebel Fairfax CA
Merrell Maschino Fairfax CA
Suzy Jensen San Rafael CA
Jen Coleman San Anselmo CA
Clea Hovey San Anselmo CA
Angela Vidinsky San Anselmo CA
Rick Meissner Fairfax CA
Debby Strenkofsky Forest knolls CA
Tracy Langley Educator San Anselmo CA
Lauren Duchene Fairfax CA
Christine Margetic Fairfax CA
Daya Karam Fairfax CA
Melinda Richard Administrative Coordinator San Rafael CA
Marianne Alsop San Rafael CA
Alexis Thorpe Fairfax CA
Gary Roth Fairfax CA
David Sinaiko Fairfax CA
David Finnane San Anselmo CA
Julie Whyte San Anselmo CA
Hadley Dettmer Community member San Anselmo CA
Gina Feiner Unincorporated Sleepy Hollow CA
Abra Berkson San Anselmo CA
Erica Tanamachi Producer Fairfax CA
Kristin Kaul San Anselmo CA
Manuel Guzman Fairfax CA
Terri Reinhart Wheat Ridge CA
Denise Tung San Anselmo CA
Lorrie Goldin San Anselmo CA
Robert Holmberg San Anselmo CA
Monique Kunst Fairfax CA
Mark Kehoe San Anselmo CA
Kevin Wrathall Fairfax CA
Eva Polony Preschool Teacher Fairfax CA
Devin Finnane WH School Student | Internet Video Creator/Influener San Anselmo CA
Beverly Brewster Pastor Sleepy Hollow Church San Anselmo CA
Sam Ramji San Abselmo CA
Margaret Heimbrodt San Anselmo CA
Ellen Dodge San Anselmo CA
Helen Richfield San Geronimo CA
Kathleen McDade Ms San Diego CA
Rebecca Sylla Kentfield CA
Mary Jane Burke School Superintendent Novato CA
Bibit` Traut Professor San Anselmo CA
Mark Solomons Volunteer Coordinator Fairfax CA
Mike Waite resident San Anselmo CA
Randy Hibbitts San Anselmo CA
Carolyn Gencarella San anselmo Ca
David Donery San Anselmo Town Manager San Anselmo CA
Tom McInerney San Anselmo Town Council San Anselmo CA
Wade Stevenson San Anselmo San Anselmo CA
Kathy Thornton Community Volunteer San Anselmo CA
Lisa Graham San Anselmo CA
Aggie Favaloro San Anselmo CA
Renee Goddard Fairfax CA
John Wright Town Council Member San Anselmo CA
Debra Albinson Larkspur CA
Tracey Bobo San Rafael CA
Andy Van Horn Educator Tiburon CA
Brett Geithman Superintendent of LCMSD Larkspur CA
Luke McCann School Administrator San Rafael CA
Julie Harris Principal San Rafael CA
Stacy Marshall Kentfield CA
Richard Sloan Trustee Woodacre CA
Gregory Mack Trustee Novato Unified School District Novato CA
Will Anderson San Rafael San Rafael CA
Kim Goodhope Elementary Principal San Rafael CA
Susan Naretto Elementary school Principal San Rafael CA
Susan Christman Attorney Larkspur CA
Timothy Davidson Doctoral student Novato CA
David Sondheim Educator San Rafael CA
David Luongo Principal Larkspur CA
Leo Kostelnik Principal Mill Valley CA
Paul Tuohy School administrator San Rafael CA
Anna Lazzarini Middle School Prinipal Mill Valley CA
Jennifer Dudley Principal Novato CA
Kim Kirley Principal Park Elementary School Mill Valley Mill Valley CA
Tracee Edmunds Educator Petaluma CA
Sarah Brewster Education administration San Rafael CA
Rachel Kertz Trustee San Rafael City Schools San Rafael CA
Bruce Abbott Chief Business Official Shoreline Unified School District Tomales CA
Mollie Allen Kiehfuss Greenbrae CA
Daniel Zaich Dr. San Rafael CA
Mary Vidal Health Services Coordinator Fairfax CA
Don Carney Director YMCA Marin County Youth Court Fairfax CA
Jason Richardson Fairfax CA
ling reilly Accoutant San Rafael CA
Amy Jonak San Rafael CA
Diane Peterson Teacher and Coach San Rafael CA
David Hellman Trustee on the Marin County Board of Education and Attorney CPA San Rafael CA
Brad Honsberger Dixie School Board trustee San Rafael CA
Kristine Cirby Executive Director Novato CA
Pam Sowerby Mill Valley CA
Timothy Bucy Teacher Larkspur CA
JUDITH KIRKLAND educator Mill Valley CA
Mike Grant Education Director San Rafael CA
Jim Shirk CA
Kimberly Chandler Senior Admistrative San Rafael CA
Christina Fass MCOE School Psychologist Assistant Program Manager Marin County CA
June Holmberg San Anselmo CA
Linda Henn Program Director Kentfield CA
Pam Flores San Rafael San Rafael CA
Laura Anderson Tamalpais Union High School District Board President Larkspur CA
Shea Morgan Paraeducator San Rafael CA
Erin Ashley School Administrator San Rafael CA
Priscilla Troy Nicasio resident School Staff Nicasio CA
Karen Allen Educator Novato CA
Susan Wilkinson Special Day Class Teacher San Rafael CA
mary Williams San Rafael Sonoma CA
Michael Breard Executive Director of Oak Hill School Corte Madera CA
Mary Batchelder Public Educator Novato CA
Will McCoy Superintendent Marin City CA
Jodie NewDelman Dr. San Geronimo CA
Claire Thuesen Fairfax CA
Scott Hummel Fairfax CA
Stephanie Hellman Fairfax CA
Jason Morrison Fairfax CA
Gloria Elizabeth Ms Forest Knolls CA
Hanan Peck Fairfax CA
Hope Kragh Greenbrae CA
Tom King Candidate for San Anselmo Town Council San Anselmo CA
Skip Kniesche Principal Kentfield CA
Lexie Cala Elementary School Principal San Rafael CA
Katy Dunlap Principal San Rafael CA
Adriane Lommel Novato CA
Barbara Owens School board trustee Mill Valley CA
Christina Perrino CA
Amy Edelson ----
Lisa Canin San Anselmo CA
kathleen baker ----
Shelby LaMotte CA
Jamie Ginsberg ----
Jessica Carroll ----
Norma Barnett ----
Susana McKeough CA
Mish LosGoodes CA
Joan Kaul Ms ----
Lisa Barto CA
Kate Brennan Dr. CA
Stephanie O'Brien COM Trustee Trustee CA
Michelle Jolly Professor ----
Dine DeMarlie ----
Elizabeth Ellis CA
Bob Hoffman San Anselmo CA
Kim Starr ----
Mary O'Leary Executive Assistant Marin City CA
Jim Larson CA


How to Elevate

We invite you to join other local residents and community leaders who are committing to taking an active role to promote thoughtful, productive dialog by:

  • Listening to and learning about other opinions that could be critical in reaching new solutions.
  • Recognizing that people with diverse opinions have something to contribute to the conversation.
  • Refusing  to engage in name calling, derisive or disrespectful speech, vulgarity, sarcasm, attributions about the motives of others, insults, character assassination, and mockery.
  • Addressing behaviors that target, disparage, intimidate and dehumanize others.
  • Being productive and solution-oriented.

Contributing positively through:

A willingness to participate in serious, informed, frank exchanges of ideas and views;

Focusing on solutions and recognizing that good solutions are rarely simple, and require dealing with complexity and ambiguity;

Focusing on the issues rather than on the individual(s) espousing them;

Seeking out verified information;

Thoughtful listening to diverse opinions;

Avoidance of impulsive retaliation;

Efforts to diffuse anger, resentment and irrationality rather than stoking it;

Searching for points of common purpose;

A willingness to change your mind;

Assuming the need to compromise and being willing to do so;

Treating the ideas of others with respect; and

Avoiding violence (physical, emotional, and verbal).



The Civil Conversations Project

The Civil Conversations Project seeks to renew common life in a fractured and tender world. We are a conversation-based, virtues-based resource towards hospitable, trustworthy relationship with and across difference. We honor the power of asking better questions, model re-framed approaches to entrenched debates, and insist that the ruptures above the radar do not tell the whole story of our time. We aspire to amplify and cross-pollinate the generative new realities that are also being woven, one word and one life at a time.


Better Conversations a Starter Guide
An invitation from Krista Tippet


Not In Our Town
Not In Our Town is a movement to stop hate, address bullying, and build safe, inclusive communities for all.



The Center for Nonviolent Communication

The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) is a global organization that supports the learning and sharing of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and helps people peacefully and effectively resolve conflicts in personal, organizational, and political settings.


Situations in Public Engagement


The New Conversations Initiative 
is a resource center and network for self-help and mutual support in learning new communication skills.  We invite you to explore our free, open-source, workbook, a wide range of articles and training materials, plus an online bookstore, all to help you…